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I have worked with wood for twenty-five years as a self-taught studio furniture maker. My influences are Asian and Art Deco; I have a deep love of natural forms, focusing on curvilinear gestures in my work. I strive to create pieces that evoke feelings of motion and energy, and I prefer to use the natural colors of the wood as my palette, without dyes or stains. I particularly enjoy finding a creative view of what may be an ordinary, everyday object, viewing my pieces as functional sculpture in woodwork.


Often, I find that designs that were relatively easily drawn become puzzles during the building process. I try to stay true to my original design concept throughout, often incorporating the joinery as focal points in my work. I like to incorporate an element of surprise in my work; my hope is that my sense of what is unique and beautiful becomes a shared experience. I get great satisfaction when others share my aesthetic sense.


I genuinely enjoy the challenges inherent in each piece that I create, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I bring a design to fruition. I welcome commissions and love designing one-of-a-kind pieces for clients. I provide several design drawings, and the clients select the design or design elements that resonate with them.


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